The key to changing your relationship with exercise

The key to changing your relationship with exercise

Do you feel anxious if you don’t train for ‘long enough’? Do you feel like you’re not good enough if you don’t train as ‘hard’ as you hoped? Do you constantly think about exercising and put overwhelming amounts of pressure on yourself to look a certain way?

98% of girls feel there is an immense pressure from external sources to look a certain way.

The pressure we feel and put on ourselves can send us down a negative slope when it comes to our relationship with movement. We start to move to feel good enough, rather than move because we are good enough.

My relationship with movement has evolved and fluctuated over the years - and with every up and down, I have found that the way that I move has less to do with the workout itself and everything to do with my mindset and the way I feel about my body.

 Each day I meet so many women who come into the studio with a critical and judgmental attitude towards the way they look. The intention behind their training is to change how they look, hoping that once they change their bodies, they will feel confident in their skin.

I wish more women knew that it actually works the other way around. We have to accept and love our bodies first - and then the movement we do becomes more joyful and ultimately, more effective. 

 The way I move my body has remained similar, but the intention behind why I move has changed dramatically. I used to move only to look a certain. Now I move because I want to feel my best and live a purposeful, joyful life.

If you’re at the place that I began, know that as far away as you may go from your Innermost self - there is always a pathway to guide you back.

Changing your relationship with movement begins by changing the way you think. 

I see movement as an act of self love. It’s a way that I can care for my body and give it the best opportunity to thrive. I value myself and so my actions reflect that. Previously, I didn’t value myself because I was waiting until I had a ‘perfect’ body to be enough. So many of us put such an emphasis on our appearance and tie it so closely to our self worth. 

Changing our bodies doesn’t change how we feel. Changing our thoughts and beliefs does. And that ultimately, creates a vibrant, healthy body.

A helpful thought that I hold close to my heart is that my body is my home. It’s the only one I’ll ever get in this lifetime. It beats my heart for me, it helps me to hug the people I love, smell incredible smells and taste amazing food. 

That thought alone allows me to feel so much love for my body. It reminds me of what my Innermost self knows to be true: my life is here for me to live it to the fullest - with passion, love and purpose. Not for me to ‘punish’ myself with training or to push myself to the enth degree.

Moving from a space of self love and self acceptance over hate and insecurity is so powerful. Far more powerful than any calorie you may count or the size of your clothes.

When you move from love, every cell in your body responds with joy. And ironically, the aesthetic results you seek become a side effect of changing your thoughts and learning to love your body.

The belief that my body is my home and the unconditional love I have created for it developed overtime, it didn’t happen overnight. I committed to daily reminders, consistent loving thoughts and small actions that overtime, brought me back to my Innermost self.

If you are beginning your journey to redefining the way you move and why you move, here you are supported with open arms. Please feel free to message me with questions or for chats. 

Sending love,

Mia xx

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