How one simple self-care ritual changed my life.

How one simple self-care ritual changed my life.

Changing our lives can feel like a huge and daunting task. Being constantly confronted with highlight reels, we often only see the end result and success seems to happen for others overnight. It’s easy to forget about the journey it takes to get there. I used to place so much value on the end goal, and not enough on the baby steps and rituals that would lead me there.

My old self would feel so overwhelmed by the huge transformation I had promised that I would end up doing nothing - staying in the same place I always had been, doing the same thing I had always done.

Our power is found in the small habits and rituals we commit to daily. So I simplified my to-do lists and decided to hone in on one simple practice to in the hopes to change my relationship with myself. Just one.

This one self-care ritual allowed me to be consistent in the way I trained my mind and created lasting change in the way I thought, the way I viewed myself and became the cornerstone of cultivating self confidence.

The self-development world leaves us with endless tasks and practices that can often feel daunting and unattainable. And I’m here to tell you, you only need to start with one.

5 minutes is enough. When I discovered the power and simplicity of one easy done ritual, I knew I had to share it with girls who were also seeking to reach their fullest potential.

This one ritual is The Mindset Journal, and here’s how it changed my life.


  1. You have more than you think.

At each moment, we are choosing where we place our focus. Without even realizing it, I was constantly focused on what I didn’t have, how far behind I was and what others had that I didn’t. What we focus on expands. The more I focused on lack, the more I felt worthless and my actions reflected that. My experience of the world was mirrored by my inner world, lacking.

The Mindset Journal taught me to focus on what I did have. And I had a lot. Each morning as I turned to my journal, I filled the pages with all of the blessings that surrounded me. Small things and big things. I was reminded of the abundance I had in my life. I immediately felt thankful. As my focus changed, so did the way I felt. My inner world turned from lack to abundance. I began to move with confidence, I brought an uplifting energy with me every where I went and I began to see my life in a whole new way.

 As I removed the limiting clutter in my mind by redirecting my attention, I changed my life.

 "Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It's the quickest, easiest, most powerful way to effect change in your life—this I know for sure." - Oprah


  1. The only thing in your way is you.

Visualize walking into a classroom of 5 year old girls. As one little girl approaches you, you tell her she’s not pretty, not smart enough to get good grades, not funny enough to have any friends. How would she feel about herself? How would it change the way she acted in the classroom? Would she shy away and doubt herself?

 Take the same scenario above, except this time, you tell her how amazing she is, how intelligent and capable she is, how kind and approachable she is. How would she feel about herself? Would she smile and play confidently?

 That same little girl is within you.

And if you’re anything like I was, you speak to that little girl with criticism and judgement without realizing the effect it is having on the person you are becoming and life you are living.

 As I turned to the journal, I became more aware of my inner critic. Each day, it allowed me to practice overcoming my self-doubt by acknowledging my strengths. It reminded me of the positive attributes and qualities I held and the more I encouraged my thoughts in that direction, the more confident and loved I felt.

 Complimenting myself changed the way I viewed my potential and that, changed my life.  


“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” – Louise Hay


  1. Is the pressure you put on yourself productive?

To know that you are here reading this passage, is to know that you a driven person. Often what comes with drive and ambition is pressure – internal pressure. In wanting to be the best I could be, in creating the highest of hopes for myself - I unintentionally put tremendous amounts of pressure on myself. A little bit of stress in the right direction can act as a powerful pull in the right direction. Yet more often than not we bombard ourselves with expectations and lose perspective in the process.

 We think we need to be a certain way and do a certain thing and as we search outside of ourselves, we fall further away from who we truly are and what is important to us.

 The journal brought me back. It reminded me to shine my light, decide how I want to show up each day and encouraged me to let go of whatever was getting in my way. It put pressures into perspective and let limiting thoughts fall away. As I primed my mind each morning, I connected back to myself – and changed my life in the process.

 “We can always choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what's wrong in our life, or we can focus on what's right.”

― Marianne Williamson


 Self-love and success doesn’t happen overnight. It is cultivated through small, daily practices that compound gradually, leading to what feels like effortless results. Starting my day with a 5 minute journaling ritual trained my mind for confidence and gratitude. As I primed my mindset each day, it became second nature to seek the good and most importantly feel good.


Your life is a mirror of what is going on in your mind. And your ability to change your mind begins with tiny practices. My practice was the Mindset Journal and this is how it changed my life.


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