A space created to help young women connect to their authentic selves; their innermost self.

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A space created to help young women connect to their authentic selves; their innermost self.

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Our offerings will educate, inspire and nurture your mind and soul; offering you a clear and defined path back home to yourself.


Explore our audio subscription platform with inspiring and engaging content to bring you back home to your Innermost Self.

Unique to you, our 1:1 Sessions will facilitate your growth and development whilst supporting you to release all that no longer serves you.

The Innermost Shop has been carefully curated to bring you mindset tools to support your daily rituals and create positive change.


Abby Simos

The 1:1 session with Mia was a game changer - and that's not an exaggeration. Not only did Mia listen and provide a safe space for me to share my story, she also took the time to understand and explore the deeper roots of my limiting beliefs with me. It truly felt like barriers were broken in this session. The tools and tips Mia gave were also incredible. Definitely one of the best decisions I've made!


Shiloh Phillips

I just wanted to encourage you and say the platform is so beneficial. Every day I heard what I needed to hear. Through the platform I changed the way I was talking to myself, I set goals, I removed limiting beliefs, I was super intentional about what I wanted to achieve.


Bailey Armiger

Just letting you know I adore this platform and it is really helping me grow and find some inner peace within myself. The type of platform you have created is something I have always dreamed of so I am glad someone is out there lifting women up and truly empowering people through education on topics. It's so important and it's changing lives. 


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Innermost was born from the desire to create an educational and informative platform which cut through the noise of world to bring young girls and women powerful tools and resources in order to harness the power of their mind, and therefore their lives.



Our offerings, including the Subscription, Journal and 1:1 Sessions are delivered by certified coaches and backed by science. You can think of Innermost as the clear path to bring you home to yourself in an oftentimes muddy and confusing world.


We invite you to explore our curation of tools which have been thoughtfully designed to be educational, inspiring and nurturing; igniting the power you already hold and inspiring you to set mindset rituals you can utilise in your own time, at an affordable price.


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