We're on a mission to change the way girls and women see themselves.

Hi beautiful, I’m Mia - welcome to your space.

I began this platform for my baby sisters and the younger version of myself, so I feel blessed to now be able to share it with you.

As women, the pressure and expectations we face each day can really take us away from who we truly are; causing us to forget the innate beauty, gifts and unlimited potential we hold within.

It wasn’t until I witnessed my 10-year-old sister look in the mirror and burst into tears at the sight of her body that I knew I needed to create change. Not only to unleash my own power, but to find a guide  to pave a path for my younger sisters.

They say that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’ and that is exactly what happened. As I began my search, reading and listening to any and all self development, health and mindset content I could find - I was directed to tools that changed my life.

The results were profound and I started to recognise my ability to change the way I felt about myself and therefore the life I was creating. I transformed my mindset with simple, accessible tools in order to unlock my authentic, Innermost self.

I immediately thought ‘why aren’t we taught this at school?’

I realised, as women and girls, we all have the ability to feel confident, worthy and excited to live each day as our most authentic selves, all while following our dreams and having FUN!


7 IN 10 GIRLS...

"not good enough"

7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with family and friends.


"i wish i was"

92% of teen girls would like to change something about the way they look, with body weight ranking the highest.

1 OF 4 GIRLS...

protecting mental health

1 in 4 girls today fall into a clinical diagnosis – depression, eating disorders, cutting and other mental / emotional disorders. On top of these, many more report being constantly anxious, sleep deprived and under significant pressure. (The Triple Bind, Steven Hinshaw)

98% OF GIRLS...

"I want to look like.."

98% of girls feel there is an immense pressure from external sources to look a certain way (National Report on Self Esteem).

1. Do you feel confident in your body? 
Yes / No

2. Do you believe in yourself?  
Yes / No

3. Do you trust yourself to know what is right?  
Yes / No

4. Do you feel comfortable to be yourself without worrying what others think? 
Yes / No

5. Do you believe you are enough?
Yes / No

For most of us, the answer to these questions is no.

Welcome to your community, dedicated to becoming our most happy, fulfilled and confident selves.

Here we explore inner rituals to harness the power of the mind, body and soul to pave a path back home to ourselves – so that we can say yes to the questions above.

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