An all-inclusive ritual designed to transform your relationship with yourself.

Pilates, Mindset, Breath-work

A wellness experience like no other. Our signature class combines the physical benefits of Pilates with the mental clarity of self development practices, empowering you to embrace your unique beauty and strength from within.

Your daily workout ritual that effortlessly combines mind and body practices so that you can strengthen your whole self in one time effective, results driven routine.

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"Mia is my fave Pilates instructor. Her flows are seamless and always make sure you leave feeling the burn. Mia has a gift to share with the world."

- Jacqui Hogan


"From the moment you enter Mia’s class you feel welcomed and relaxed. Mia teaches a challenging but enjoyable  Pilates class and conveys a strong sense of being focussed on the present which is especially portrayed in the breathing and relaxation techniques at the end of the class. Such a beautiful way to start the day."

- Vanessa Baron


Leaving Mia's class feeling refreshed and revived, ready to start the day! I love the meditation at the end after a good burn. Mia's personal touch to really connect with yourself and set your intention for your day/ week ahead leaves you with a glow ❤️."

- Lauren


"Mia has a way of making you feel instantly calm when you step into one of her classes. You spend the whole class wishing there was more time (this is new for me 🙊) and all of her Pilates classes start and finish off with a beautiful meditation and breath work with a bit of intention setting. She really helps you become present in the moment, in your practice every single time."

- Sophie Ferguson


You will leave each class feeling more connected to your body, the world around you and most importantly, yourself. We don’t move to change the way we look, we move to show ourselves respect and support ourselves to be the best we can be. Here, everyone is encouraged to be their authentic selves.

Just be you.


Movement to sculpt and strengthen the body - based on traditional pilates and infused with fun music to set the vibe.


Mindfulness to bring you back to yourself amidst the busyness of
life. We infuse mindful practices: breath work and meditation to cultivate happiness, fulfilment and confidence from within.

Innermost Ritual Timetable

Connect to your innermost self

6:30am / 7:30am / 9:30am

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday

10 Balcombe Road,
Mentone VIC 3194

Ph: 0405 300 565


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